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prod-iphoneThis just in… AT&T is going to subisdize the second generation 3G iPhone. Yes, you are reading this correctly. According to a Fortune Blog on, AT&T will be subsidizing $200.00 of the 3G iPhone with a 2-year contract. This means you can purchase the 8GB iPhone for $199.00, and the 16GB iPhone for $299.00. “Both Apple and AT&T declined to comment”, according to the Fortune Blog. The new iPhone will have true GPS, and not cell phone triangulation technology. The iPhone will also be thinner than the current version. Up until now everyone has been stating that the new iPhone will actually be thicker than the current one. I guess we will have to wait and see. Finally, according to the anonymous source that Fortune spoke with; they said that the new iPhone will be released on or around June 27th. This is approximately the one year anniversary of the iPhone launch.

I guess AT&T is hoping to lure customers away from their current cell phone providers with these new contract terms. For me personally, my contract is up in August, so switching for me will not be that long of a wait. The only caveat is that you have to buy the phone from an AT&T Store, and not the Apple Store to receive the subsidized cost. Maybe by the time the iPhone launches they will allow you to buy subsidized iPhones from the Apple Store.

As for the models of the new iPhones, I believe Apple will introduce a 32GB model. If they don’t do it at launch time they probably will do it sometime before the end of the year. Again this is my opinion and not fact. I just hope my opinion is correct. With all of the new 3rd party apps that are going to be available to be installed on the iPhone; it would only be logical that Apple would produce a larger capacity iPhone.


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  1. I find it interesting, Gerard, that you label your blog as a “tech weblog – all things tech”. However, the vast majority of your blog entries refers to Apple related news. Not a single entry has been related to PC or Windows news and considering the majority of personal computers are running Windows on the PC platform, it would be nice to see such related news.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like reading your blog. I just think that you should change your title to “all things Apple” or actually post on a variety of Tech related news.

  2. I would like to thank you at this time for reading my blog. It’s always nice to hear that someone takes an interest in what I write about and my thoughts on technology.

    I would like to elaborate on what Tech in “All Things Tech” means to me. Tech is not just an Operating System, or a computer company. Tech can be anything from a cell phone to a remote control. I generally write more about Apple than Windows because I find Apple to be more interesting to write about. I can go on about issues with Vista, or how Microsoft is trying to buy Yahoo and the obstacles with that purchase. I just don’t see anything innovative coming out of Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft has a larger market share than Apple does, but that doesn’t intrigue me. Innovation, design, new ideas that’s technology, not a company that has strong market share. Unfortunately for Microsoft a lot of people are choosing Apple and Linux as alternatives to their Operating System. With all this talk about cloud computing who knows who will dominate the Operating System market in the future.

  3. So how is a Mac keyboard and the announcement of iTunes birthday related to technology inovation? I think the new features in Windows Server 2008 are pretty significant and worth mentioning. It just seems to me that this should be an Apple Blog.

  4. Come on. Are you really going to nit pick about the postings? We are all adults here. I don’t believe in this whole going back and forth, and beating an issue to death. Remember, Tech can be anything related to technology.

  5. Fair enough. Bottom line is that I enjoy your writing and I would like to read more than just apple related news. Can’t wait for the new i-Phone tho.

  6. Thanks, I am glad you enjoy reading my posts. I too can’t wait for the iPhone either, as you can tell from my postings.

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