Apple’s Auto-Dimming NO MORE!!!

lightheadswcom-caffeineWhile watching Techzilla last week on Episode 83, they showed a free app you can download for your Mac called Caffeine. This is a pretty cool software app. It allows your Mac to not dim the screen or activate the screensaver. You might ask yourself, well I want my Mac to utilize the power saving features, so that I can save on my electricity bill. You are correct, but don’t you hate when your watching a video on your Mac and all of a sudden your display dims. Well no more, with Caffeine this is a thing of the past. Caffeine runs in your Menu Bar at the top right corner. You can set a time limit to disable the power save mode by holding down the command key and clicking on the icon. Or if you wish, you can simply click on the coffee cup icon in your menu bar to disable and re-enable power save mode. I tried it out, and it works great. No longer will I have to jiggle my mouse to brighten my screen. You can download the app by clicking here.


One Response

  1. Dear mr. Lagana,

    Finally!!!!!!!!! I have been annoyed so often when this happens!!!

    Thanks for the tip.


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