AVG Anti-Virus Update Confuses iTunes With Malware : App Advice

Silly AVG, iTunes isn’t Malware.


AT&T Is A Big, Steaming Heap Of Failure

Is anyone else sick of AT&T’s lousy coverage, service, and overall failures? If so I’d like to hear how sick of AT&T you are.

Apple II: The World Catches On – Apple II – Gizmodo

This was the first computer I used as a kid in school.

Microsoft Opening Shops Right Next to Apple Stores This Fall – Microsoft retail stores – Gizmodo

What with Apple latest success, and now Google coming out with a new OS. Microsoft actually will have to compete. Old Steve Ballmer must be sweatin’ right about now.

iPhone Server Farm Puts Old Models To Good Use – iPhone – Gizmodo

This is a great idea.

How MacBook Pro Converted A Prominent Apple Hater | Cult of Mac

SightMax brings live chat customer service to the iPhone