MacHeist 3 Bundle Ending Soon

macheist-3-bundleMacHeist is at it again with the MacHeist 3 Bundle.  MacHeist has put together 12 great Mac apps for one low price of $39.00.  Plus 25% of the sales goes to the charity of your choice that MacHeist has listed.  Or, if  you like you can split it evenly between all ten charities.  If they raise $400,000 for their charities they will unlock the final three of the twelve apps.  Which means if you purchase the bundle, and they reach $400,000 MacHeist will send you the serial numbers for the final three applications.  In addition when you buy the bundle you will also get Cro-Mag Rally for the Mac for free.  The total unlocked value of this bundle is $950.70, and MacHeist is giving it to you for $39.00.  These applications are not shareware, but full versions with serial numbers.  So, if you think this is a great value click here to download this excellent bundle.


Create iPhone Ringtones from your iTunes Library




My friend sent me these directions on how to create ringtones for your iPhone right from your iTunes library.  This will only work with songs you ripped to iTunes, or the 256kps DRM free downloads.  If you have DRM songs you can burn them to a CD, and then re-import them into iTunes.


1. In iTunes, right-click the song you want, go to ‘Get Info’ and change the start and end points so it’s 30 seconds in length.

2. Verify that your Encoder in Import Using is set to AAC.  You can set the quality to any setting you chose.  I prefer the 256 kbps setting.

3. Right-click the song again, ‘convert selection to AAC’.

4. Find this new file or drag it from iTunes to your desktop.

5. Rename the file extension from .m4a to .m4r.

6. Import it back into iTunes and it will appear as a ringtone. Tada!

Now the song will be placed in your ringtones folder.  You can delete the .m4a converted track from iTunes now, so that you don’t have the thirty second track on your album.

3G iPhone

prod-hero-blackI am so excited about all the great new features that are coming in the 3G iPhone.  However, there are few things that I would have liked to have seen in this release of the iPhone.  I am very happy that the iPhone is 3G.  I checked AT&T’s coverage map, and I am in the coverage area.  From what I understand there are still some areas that have not been upgraded to support 3G.  AT&T said that they are still upgrading their equipment.  But, don’t fret the new iPhone still will support the EDGE network.  The new iPhone will have Wi-Fi, so if you are next to an access point you will have a faster than EDGE speed connection.

Next on the list is GPS, unfortunately, it is Assisted GPS.  This means that it can rely on cell towers and WiFi access points if needed.  What I am not to clear on is that the iPhone does not support turn-by-turn directions, but it has tracking capabilities.  I’ve heard that Tom-Tom wanted to write an app for the iPhone; consequently, the iPhone SDK states that there cannot be turn-by-turn software for the GPS.  Lets hope that changes really soon.  Maybe Apple wants to stay away from being sued if the person is somehow injured using the GPS.

Apple is now selling the iPhone subsidized.  This means that when you sign your two year contract with AT&T they are paying for a portion of the phone.  The iPhone is $200.00 less than the first generation iPhone.  Apple is no longer receiving a cut of the monthly service plan.  Apple wants to get the iPhone into more hands, and this is a smart move on their part.  AT&T is actually loosing money on every sale. but they are hoping to make up the loss in the subscriptions.

The App Store is finally here.  Now you can have locally running apps on your iPhone.  There are going to be several Apps available at launch, some will be free, and others will have a cost.  There are games for the iPhone as well.  A few of them were demoed at WWDC, and they look outstanding.  I would say that they are as good or even better than the Sony PSP.

Now for the things that I would have liked to have seen on the new iPhone.  I would have liked cut and paste as a feature.  I only hope that it will be in the next release.  I have been using an iPod Touch, and I would find this feature invaluable.  The other thing I wanted to see on the 3G iPhone was a front facing camera for video conferencing.  I saw the screenshots before the WWDC, and I was disappointed that they were only Photoshopped images.

Finally, I was 99.9% certain that Apple would introduce a 32GB iPhone.  It would only be logical to release a larger capacity iPhone with the introduction of the Apps Store.  Well, to my dismay they did not release the 32GB version.  I guess I will just have to be froogle about what I put on the new iPhone.  With my luck in two or three months Apple will release the 32GB iPhone.  I know, I know, I am an early adopter, and this is the price we pay to be the first to get the latest gadgets.

Overall, I am very happy with the features that will be coming out on the new iPhone, and I can’t wait till it’s here.  There are eleven days left till the iPhone 3G is here, and counting.

Short Hiatus

vacationIt’s been a few weeks since I have posted anything on my Tech Blog.  What with the end of the school year, the kids school functions, and fighting a bad two week cold, I just didn’t have the energy to post to my blog.  But don’t fret.  There are several topics that I will be posting about.  The first of a few topics I will be posting about is the new 3G iPhone.  I am going to write about what I like about the new iPhone, and what I would have like to have seen in the new iPhone.  I have also been checking out some social networking sites in my absence, namely Twitter.  Finally, I am going to post on Spore Creature Creator.  And, I am going to post the YouTube video I made of my Creature.

Well with that I will say goodbye, and I will see you in the Blogoshpere shortly.


evernote-logoI have been using Evernote for the past three months, and it’s been a great application to work with.  What I like about this application is that it can be used from the web, Windows, Mac, of your phone.  They are going to even have support for the iPhone.  I have been using this at work to keep track of a project that I am working on, and it has been invaluable.  I can be anywhere and log into Evernote, and look up contact information on the vendors that I am dealing with, or look at schedule times.  What’s great about using the client versions for the Mac or Windows is that you can synchronize it back with the web version.  This way you always have the latest information available to you.  

Right now they are in Beta, and they are only signing up people that have invites.  I currently have eighteen invites left, so if anyone is interested you can leave your email address in my Evernote Facebook Group by clicking here.  Or if you prefer you can twitter me with your email address by clicking here.  Once you are on Twitter, just type @glagana, and I will then receive your email, and I’ll send you out an invite.  For both services you will need to sign up for an account to use them.  I am doing it this way so that your email will not get spammed by leaving it in the comments section.  I will be sending out invites on a first come first serve basis.  Once all eighteen are gone I will post it immediately.  Below is a video from Evernote, which highlights a lot of its features.  You can also checkout their website by clicking here.

Sad Song Long

promo_getamac_20080513Apple has released an extended “Sad Song” commercial entitled “Sad Song Long”. In this version of the commercial PC (John Hodgman) sings more of the Vista Blues. I think this is the best commercial yet. I especially enjoyed the ending. I won’t spoil it, but it’s a classic Windows fix for any of their Os’s. So check out the ad at Apple’s Get a Mac page, and enjoy.

iPhone Release Date CONFIRMED!!!

wwdc08According to the ars technica article I just read; they state that the 3G iPhone has been confirmed for a release date of June 9th at WWDC. This is supposed to happen right after the announcement. Here’s the clincher though. They go on to site the Gizmodo article that I sited in my post earlier this morning. So, at this point I would take this announcement with a grain of salt. I will update my blog as soon as I hear any other news on the release date.