Firefox Tip #2 for Windows

firefox-logoA few weeks ago I posted on how to autofill in a .net url in Firefox for Windows. Today I will show you how to autofill in a .org URL. In the URL field type the partial domain name, for example blender; then, press Ctrl+Shit+Enter now it will autofill in the full .org URL. Your final URL should look like this –


Firefox Tip for Windows

firefox-logoWith today’s browser’s you can type in just the name of the site without the .com extension, and it will auto-fill it in the .com for you.  We also all know the Ctrl+Enter trick.  This is where you type in just the name, for example – wordpress, then you press Ctrl+Enter, and viola the browser fills in the complete web address for you.  Well, with .net addresses you generally have to type in the name plus .net.  Firefox 2.0 for Windows has resolved this issue for you.  When you press Shit+Enter the browser will fill in the complete address, but it will fill it in with .net and not .com.  I have tried this in Internet Explorer 6 SP2 and 7, in both browsers it does not work.  If you have a browser tip you would like to share, be it a Windows or Mac Internet browser tip, drop a note in the comments section.