Latest 3G iPhone Rumor

prod-iphoneAs WWDC approaches the iPhone rumor mill will run a muck. So far we have heard that the new iPhone will be 3G, it will have GPS, oh and it will also drive your car for you. I am kidding about the last statement, but I would not be surprised if that was a rumor as well. This morning I read a Gizmodo article stating a “source very close to the 3G iPhone launch”, said that the iPhone will be announced on June 9th at WWDC. And, that it will be available “worldwide” right after the launch. The prominent rumor is that it will be announced at WWDC, but as far a launch time it has been varying by rumor.

The other rumor which I hope is true, is the subsidization of the iPhone by the carrier. I had posted this on my blog about three weeks ago. According to the Fortune Blog AT&T would subsidize the iPhone by $200.00 when you sign a two year contract. The Gizmodo article also states that the iPhone will not be sold at a fixed price point. As to what exactly this means the article was fairly vague. I guess what they are probably taking about is carrier subsidization. Or, Apple might be releasing more than one iPhone model. This to is another rumor cycling through the rumor mill.

Well until June 9th, all we can do is hope that the rumors are true. If they are this is going to be a great iPhone. Even if some of the rumors are not true, I still think the iPhone will do very well.


Breaking iPhone News

prod-iphoneThis just in… AT&T is going to subisdize the second generation 3G iPhone. Yes, you are reading this correctly. According to a Fortune Blog on, AT&T will be subsidizing $200.00 of the 3G iPhone with a 2-year contract. This means you can purchase the 8GB iPhone for $199.00, and the 16GB iPhone for $299.00. “Both Apple and AT&T declined to comment”, according to the Fortune Blog. The new iPhone will have true GPS, and not cell phone triangulation technology. The iPhone will also be thinner than the current version. Up until now everyone has been stating that the new iPhone will actually be thicker than the current one. I guess we will have to wait and see. Finally, according to the anonymous source that Fortune spoke with; they said that the new iPhone will be released on or around June 27th. This is approximately the one year anniversary of the iPhone launch.

I guess AT&T is hoping to lure customers away from their current cell phone providers with these new contract terms. For me personally, my contract is up in August, so switching for me will not be that long of a wait. The only caveat is that you have to buy the phone from an AT&T Store, and not the Apple Store to receive the subsidized cost. Maybe by the time the iPhone launches they will allow you to buy subsidized iPhones from the Apple Store.

As for the models of the new iPhones, I believe Apple will introduce a 32GB model. If they don’t do it at launch time they probably will do it sometime before the end of the year. Again this is my opinion and not fact. I just hope my opinion is correct. With all of the new 3rd party apps that are going to be available to be installed on the iPhone; it would only be logical that Apple would produce a larger capacity iPhone.