Happy 5th Birthday iTunes

iTunesiTunes is celebrating five years today. In 2003 Apple launched the iTunes Store to work with the iPod. When iTunes launched, Apple was only selling music from the store. In just five short years they have expanded the store to selling Movies, TV Shows, and Games. You can also subscribe to your favorite Podcasts for free from the iTunes store. At the beginning of this year Apple updated their Apple TV to Apple TV Take 2. With this update they introduced movie rentals that can be rented either from your Apple TV or your computer.

Moreover, last year Apple opened the iTunes store to the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is a great feature, because you can shop for you music on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Then the next time you connect your device to your computer it will transfer the downloads to your computer. Now with Apple releasing the iPhone Software 2.0 in a couple of months you will also be able to purchase applications from iTunes right onto your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Apple continues to make the iTunes Store more convenient and innovative with every upgrade. Who knows in five years you might be doing all of you Apple purchases through the iTunes Store.


AppleCare Tech Support

applecareOn Thursday I was not able to get my iPod Touch to be seen in iTunes. I tried the normal troubleshooting steps to get the iPod to be seen in iTunes, but nothing seemed to work. The night before I updated iTunes on all three of my Macs, so I thought the issue was related to the update. I tried my wife’s iPod on my Mac, and it came up fine in iTunes. At this point I realize it must be my iPod, and not my Mac or iTunes. As a last resort I plug my iPod Touch into my wife’s Mac, and it connected to iTunes, so I was able to put my Podcasts on my iPod.

When I got to work I plugged my iPod into my MacBook and my Dell; consequently, my iPod would not connect to either of my computers. When I got home I contacted AppleCare Tech Support to see if they would be able to reset the iPod Touch. I tried several different ways, and none of them seemed to work. The technician I spoke with had me go through some of the steps I had done earlier in the day. When it still did not work, he had me perform a hard reset. Then he had me plug in the iPod and connect it to my Mac. Viola, iTunes saw my iPod Touch. I had to restore it. So I ran the restore, and everything was going fine. I was then prompted that the restore was successful, and that the iPod is restarting. Unfortunately, it got stuck again, an it would not come up in iTunes. The AppleCare technician deemed the iPod to be inoperable. He said that I can take the iPod Touch to my local Apple Store, and that they would replace it with a new iPod. I asked him if its refurb or a new iPod that they will replace it with. The technician reassured me that they would replace it with a new iPod. I told him that would be great. I was never a big fan of refurbbed electronics. Well, after my call was over I made an appointment for Saturday with the Genius Bar to have them look at my iPod Touch, and then replace the unit.

I went on Saturday to the Apple Store. I got there about a half an hour early. I was expecting to wait till my appointment, but they took me within a couple of minutes. The woman at the Genius Bar looked at my iPod Touch, and she tried to get it to work on her MacBook. Unfortunately, she to was unable to get it to be seen in iTunes. So, she said that she could replace it with a new iPod Touch. She scanned in the old iPod, and then the new iPod. She had me sign a warranty exchange sheet, and I was on my merry way with a new working iPod Touch. The best part of all of this is when I brought it home. I connected the iPod Touch to my iMac, and I was able to restore the applications that I purchased in January. Even better I was able to even have all the data from my notes restored as well. From beginning to end I had a great experience from the AppleCare support call to working with the Genius at the Apple Store. I wish I could say I had this great of an experience with other comapnies that sell and support computers and electronics. Today Apple receives an A++ from me for service and support.

iPhone 2 Cometh Sooner than Later

apple-logo2The past few days everyone has been speculating as to when the new iPhone will come out, and what new features the iPhone will posses. I personally can’t wait for it to come out. My contract with T-Mobile is up in August, and guess who’s switching to AT&T. I have read speculation that the iPhone will be coming out sooner than later. This is based on the current shortage of iPhones at the Apple Stores around the country. This is not uncommon when Apple is ready to update a product they start ramping down production of the current item. As to what new features the iPhone will have is anyone’s guess right now. The only thing we can be certain about at this point is that the phone will have 3G technology. I am hoping for copy and paste myself. I currently have an iPod Touch, and copy and paste would be a great feature to have.