MacHeist 3 Bundle Ending Soon

macheist-3-bundleMacHeist is at it again with the MacHeist 3 Bundle.  MacHeist has put together 12 great Mac apps for one low price of $39.00.  Plus 25% of the sales goes to the charity of your choice that MacHeist has listed.  Or, if  you like you can split it evenly between all ten charities.  If they raise $400,000 for their charities they will unlock the final three of the twelve apps.  Which means if you purchase the bundle, and they reach $400,000 MacHeist will send you the serial numbers for the final three applications.  In addition when you buy the bundle you will also get Cro-Mag Rally for the Mac for free.  The total unlocked value of this bundle is $950.70, and MacHeist is giving it to you for $39.00.  These applications are not shareware, but full versions with serial numbers.  So, if you think this is a great value click here to download this excellent bundle.



evernote-logoI have been using Evernote for the past three months, and it’s been a great application to work with.  What I like about this application is that it can be used from the web, Windows, Mac, of your phone.  They are going to even have support for the iPhone.  I have been using this at work to keep track of a project that I am working on, and it has been invaluable.  I can be anywhere and log into Evernote, and look up contact information on the vendors that I am dealing with, or look at schedule times.  What’s great about using the client versions for the Mac or Windows is that you can synchronize it back with the web version.  This way you always have the latest information available to you.  

Right now they are in Beta, and they are only signing up people that have invites.  I currently have eighteen invites left, so if anyone is interested you can leave your email address in my Evernote Facebook Group by clicking here.  Or if you prefer you can twitter me with your email address by clicking here.  Once you are on Twitter, just type @glagana, and I will then receive your email, and I’ll send you out an invite.  For both services you will need to sign up for an account to use them.  I am doing it this way so that your email will not get spammed by leaving it in the comments section.  I will be sending out invites on a first come first serve basis.  Once all eighteen are gone I will post it immediately.  Below is a video from Evernote, which highlights a lot of its features.  You can also checkout their website by clicking here.

Sad Song Long

promo_getamac_20080513Apple has released an extended “Sad Song” commercial entitled “Sad Song Long”. In this version of the commercial PC (John Hodgman) sings more of the Vista Blues. I think this is the best commercial yet. I especially enjoyed the ending. I won’t spoil it, but it’s a classic Windows fix for any of their Os’s. So check out the ad at Apple’s Get a Mac page, and enjoy.

New Get a Mac Ad – UPDATE!

index_watchads20080327Just this morning I posted that Apple had two new commercials.  Well, Apple has added an additional commercial titled “Sad Song”.  PC is a Country Singer with a Hound Dog.  This is yet another great ad.  I would like Apple to make a Hi, I’m a Zune, and Hi, I’m an iPod commercials.  So, Apple if you’re listening this would make a great commercial.  To see the new ad click here.

New Get a Mac Ads

index_watchads20080327Apple has just released two new Get a Mac Ads. The first one in entitled “Pep Rally”, and the second one is titled “Group”. Both of these ads are great. Apple’s ad agency just keep pumping out excellent commercials. I think Apple should place these ads in iTunes as a free download, or even package them as a set for downloading. Watch, now that I posted this on my blog, in a month you will see the ads in iTunes. Well her is a link to the ads click here, and enjoy.

Firefox Tip for Windows

firefox-logoWith today’s browser’s you can type in just the name of the site without the .com extension, and it will auto-fill it in the .com for you.  We also all know the Ctrl+Enter trick.  This is where you type in just the name, for example – wordpress, then you press Ctrl+Enter, and viola the browser fills in the complete web address for you.  Well, with .net addresses you generally have to type in the name plus .net.  Firefox 2.0 for Windows has resolved this issue for you.  When you press Shit+Enter the browser will fill in the complete address, but it will fill it in with .net and not .com.  I have tried this in Internet Explorer 6 SP2 and 7, in both browsers it does not work.  If you have a browser tip you would like to share, be it a Windows or Mac Internet browser tip, drop a note in the comments section.

Apple’s Auto-Dimming NO MORE!!!

lightheadswcom-caffeineWhile watching Techzilla last week on Episode 83, they showed a free app you can download for your Mac called Caffeine. This is a pretty cool software app. It allows your Mac to not dim the screen or activate the screensaver. You might ask yourself, well I want my Mac to utilize the power saving features, so that I can save on my electricity bill. You are correct, but don’t you hate when your watching a video on your Mac and all of a sudden your display dims. Well no more, with Caffeine this is a thing of the past. Caffeine runs in your Menu Bar at the top right corner. You can set a time limit to disable the power save mode by holding down the command key and clicking on the icon. Or if you wish, you can simply click on the coffee cup icon in your menu bar to disable and re-enable power save mode. I tried it out, and it works great. No longer will I have to jiggle my mouse to brighten my screen. You can download the app by clicking here.