New iMacs

product-20inIs it that time of year again for new iMacs. According to retailers have received new part numbers for the refreshed iMacs, and we might see them as early as Monday or Tuesday. I’m betting Apple will release them on Tuesday, since this is when they usually releases new products. It appears that the refreshed iMacs will have a bump in processor, memory, and hard drive capacity. I personally would like to see a Blu-ray drive in the new iMacs. I believe Apple has stayed on the side lines through the whole Blu-ray Vs HD-DVD hoop-la. Well, since the studios have chosen a platform, I would think Apple would implement the next generation optical drive, since they are part of the Blu-ray consortium. Another indicator towards Blu-ray on the Macs is the new Toast 9 with Blu-ray burning capabilities. The previous version also included this feature, but it was not promoted in ads as the new version is. We will see come Tuesday if these rumors are true, or just a rumor.


3G iPhone at WWDC???

wwdc_macbookI just read an article from regarding the new iPhone. They claim from their sources that the 3G iPhone will be introduced at this years World Wide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. According to their sources the price points will remain the same for the 8GB iPhone at $399.00, and the 16GB iPhone at $499.00. They also mentioned speculation of an unconfirmed 32GB iPhone priced at $599.00. In my opinon, I believe Apple will drop the 8GB iPhone from their line completely, and only produce the 16GB and 32GB models. As for the pricing, I think it would be great if the 16GB iPhone was $399.00, and the 32GB iPhone was $499.00. However, I don’t think they will sell at those price points. I think they will sell for $100.00 more per model respectively. Let’s hope Apple doesn’t drop the price by $200.00 like they did last year. In case they do, I will be buying my new iPhone with my American Express card, so that I can get the full price drop credited back to me. That is what American Express did for their card holders last year when Apple lowered the price. To read the full article at, click here.