Will there be a Mac Clone tomorrow???

psystarWell it appears Apple doesn’t have take any legal action against Psystar. The Apple and tech community has done their own investigations, and have found so many holes in this company, if it were a ship it would have already sunk. Speaking of sinking, it seems they are sinking. First with them changing their business address three different times. Second when further investigated the Indutrial Center address proved to be no more than a packing supply company. When the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce were asked if they have heard of the Psystar, they said that they have not. But, if you visit the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations you will find the owner of Psystar being registered to several other corporations. These guys just can’t catch a break. I remember watching the local ABC morning news a couple of days ago. They have a “Tech Bytes” segment that announced Psystar as the first company to sell a low cost Mac Clone. They didn’t talk much about the computer, they mainly focused on the $200.00 price difference. I told my wife sure they are selling a Mac Clone for $200.00 less, but will they be around to support the computer if anything goes wrong with it. Well it appears that they won’t be at this rate. To read more about this you can visit Gizmodo.com by clicking here.